Larissa led the delivery of events across the country for the UK’s first ever Clean Air Day, which saw over 40 million people engage with the impacts of air pollution on their health. She is a senior manager and behaviour change expert, passionate about tackling climate change.
Larissa has 15 years’ experience bridging the worlds of sustainable development and health. From advising government and the NHS through the Sustainable Development Commission’s Healthy Futures programme, to helping establish the NHS Sustainable Development Unit and drafting the first NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy, to leading the Carbon Trust’s flagship public sector carbon management programmes, to managing Global Action Plan’s award-winning Operation TLC programme: Larissa has been at the forefront of the movement promoting just how intertwined our environment and our health and wellbeing really are.
Larissa also has an MProf in Leadership for Sustainable Development from the leading sustainability think tank, Forum for the Future, and a BSc in Behavioural Science.
What inspires Larissa about Global Action Plan's mission?

As a parent, Larissa is more conscious than ever of the polluted air we breathe, the climate we are changing and our throwaway society. And she is determined that these should not be a fact of life for future generations.