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Global Action Plan is a charity that helps people live more sustainable lives by connecting what is good for us and good for the planet. We recruit people who are passionate about helping us fulfill this mission, whether you currently work within the sustainability industry or not.

We are working to break down the root causes of environmental breakdown and health inequalities. We're tackling air pollution and working with young people on new ideas about wellbeing and consumerism; that what makes them happier will at the same time be better for the planet. And we bring progressive businesses and school children together to work on ground-breaking projects that develop leaders of future and have a benefit on our environment today.

Through our projects and collaborations, Global Action Plan enables people to see, believe and, crucially, act on the insight that what is good for us is good for the planet.


GAP is a fantastic employer with beyond average annual leave, maternity/paternity entitlements, responsibility for change-making projects from day one, and the potential for progression within the organisation to take on additional opportunities to create impact.


GAP is committed to ensuring diversity in our team and for all of our roles. We particularly welcome applications from groups that are under represented in the sustainability sector.


Please ensure to mention which role you are interested in when contacting us.

"When I was job hunting and I saw that Global Action Plan had won a Happiest Workplace award, I was intrigued. Considering that - alongside all the ways GAP works to help people and planet - I thought it must be a special place, and it is. I'm very proud to work here, and am constantly inspired and amazed by the achievements of a team of our size."


Current Opportunities

Looking for a climate job that is the right fit for you?

We look for people who will enjoy the dynamic, fast paced and mission driven culture at GAP. We take great care to bring in people who reflect our values and who will thrive here.  Our values are key to how we work across our projects, and within our team:


We challenge the norm

Radical change is needed. We dare to think big and re-imagine how we live and work to bring about real shifts in behaviour and tackle systemic issues not symptoms. We look for people with creativity and passion for tackling big hairy environmental and society issues, and the ability to think big.


We get stuff done 

We work hard to have a real impact in everything and we do. We aren't happy with talk, we want action, today. We look for self-starters who are excited to propose their own direction and priorities - not just receive them.


We share openly 

We are honest, straight talking and open. Whether data, ideas, projects or tools we seek to share and collaborate for bigger impact. We're looking for people who can see and share their weaknesses as well as their strengths. We look for people who don't hide behind others or jargon and have an openness to alternative ideas and points of view.


We look out for each other 

We care about the planet and also the people who live on it. We have fun on our mission and make sure that no one gets left behind along the way. We look for those who walk the talk in their personal and work lives, people who are relationship builders with great networks they can draw on support and ideas.

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Lauren, our People & HR Manager, and Clair, Head of Operations, chat about some of the benefits and challenges of moving to a hybrid working style as we start to return to "normal".

We are a Living Wage Employer
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