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About our young people and business work

Global Action Plan brings together progressive businesses and the next generation to help us move towards a sustainable future.

Children learning activity as part of Water Explorer

Global Action Plan’s role

Global Action Plan aims to show millions of young people that they have the means to solve environmental issues.

Through projects such as Water Explorer, we help schoolchildren and young people see that they’re not powerless, but can make a difference immediately where they live, and in wider society.

Humanity is consuming more than the world can safely provide, which is contributing to climate change, pollution and huge damage to nature. It will require a different kind of leadership from the next generation to create the massive change we need to see.

The good news is that Generation Z is the most environment-minded generation alive.

Bonding activity with international water explorers

Businesses working with young people

Progressive businesses can help schoolchildren learn about sustainability and get involved in activities that benefit the planet right now.

In doing this, companies are not only investing in our environment, but helping children develop life skills, such as leadership, along the way – good for people; good for the planet too.

Young people are also the leaders, workers and consumers of the future so it makes sense for forward-thinking businesses to connect with them.

Young people want to work for and buy from businesses that match their values. Understanding and collaborating with young people will help future-proof companies, and is key to finding the innovative solutions to tackle our environmental problems.


To get involved with our work with young people, email Luke Wynne

Want to get involved? Email Luke Wynne