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Join our #Idontbuyit movement and let the advertising industry know you've had enough and you won't be buying what they are selling.


Share our videos on Instagram. 

We asked 102 teenagers to spend a minute on Instagram and count the number of ads they saw. On average, 7 ads a minute were thrown at them. That’s more than one every ten second.   


Remind your friends how annoying advertising on social media is- We wouldn’t put up with that in the offline world, so why do we put up with it in the online world?


See just how much advertising you are exposed to on social media by filling out an #Idontbuyit template.


Follow these simple steps:

1. Set a timer for one minute and scroll through your Instagram feed making a note of every ad you see

2. Screenshot our template and add your list of things to it.

3. Share your list on your Instagram stories so you can spark a discussion with your friends about advertising. Tag @globalactionplan and we will add your list to our collection, so we can show the world just how much advertising young people are exposed to. #Idontbuyit


How many ads did you see? If you saw this many in one minute, how many ads you would see throughout the day? or in a week?


Who do they think you are? Advertisers use your data to send you ads they think you are interested in. Look at your list of things you were advertised, have they got you all worked out or are they completely off the mark? Compare your list with your friends- how many did they get right?


Make your list and Join #Idontbuyit


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We asked some Instagram Influencers write down everything they were told to buy on Instagram in ten minutes.

Tolly Dolly Posh and Bibi Button were advertised a huge amount of things in 10 minutes.

Share these videos with your friends to show them just how much advertising they are exposed to every time they are on social media.

Constantly being told to buy so many things changes what we think it means to be succesful, and imagine the impact on our planet if we did actually buy all these things!


First video:This is the list of items which were advertised to Bibi Button in 10 minutes. Lucy Kirk was commissioned as our illustrator for this graphic.


Video above:This is the list of items which were advertised to Tolly Dolly Posh in 10 minutes. Tolly is herself an illustrator so we commissioned her to work on this graphic as well as drawing up and promoting the #Idontbuyit template for us.


Video left: This is the list of items which were advertised to DJ Dan Shake in 10 minutes. Ruan van Vliet was commissioned as our illustrator for this graphic.