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About our wellbeing and consumerism work

Global Action Plan is working to address the damage caused by consumerism. Our work is particularly aimed at young people, who are most affected by this issue.

Young people are constantly exposed to the idea that who they are and what they have is not enough - and this is not making them happy. In fact it is contributing to a mental health epidemic among young people.

Added to this, our society’s relentless focus on consumerism is harming the planet too.

The products and food we consume take 60% more resources from the Earth than it can replenish each year. This “overshoot” is a major cause of:

  • climate change
    mass extinction of animals.
A Goals for Good participant is completing her workbook

Global Action Plan’s solution
Young people are being let down and the planet destroyed needlessly. They lack a clear or inspiring vision of what happier, healthier, sustainable lifestyles look like, and there is little encouraging them to change the way they live.

Global Action Plan’s approach is to:

• Show the harmful effects of materialism on young people and our planet
• Help young people come together to challenge the pressures to consume
• Share people’s alternative visions of happy, healthy, more sustainable lifestyles.

Our ideas are based on 25 years of award-winning work on behaviour change. What we want is good for young people – and good for the planet too.

To get involved with our wellbeing work, email Natasha Parker

Want to get involved? Email Natasha Parker