Who: Welsh Assembly Government
What: Energy, Water
Where: Cardiff

The challenge

How can we get more people to move the dial to 30C, and can behaviour change help?

The Welsh Assembly approached us because they are testing out the effectiveness of different types of a social marketing approach, which uses a defined process to find out what barriers people have, and how best to overcome them.

How we helped

We took a step back and really listened to what Cardiff residents were saying about their barriers to washing at 30. 

Of all the reasons we tested with households - a list that ranged from energy saving to penny pinching - making sure their favourite clothes lasted longer was by far the most important factor.

We developed a clothes care pack with the slogan “Look after the clothes you love”, including giveaways and tips for trying just a few washes at 30C.


    • 100% of households opened the pack we designed
    • 79% used the tablets (and most at 30C)
    • 50% who tried, continued doing two 30C washes a week

What's next?

We are looking to expand this pilot to incorporate the Love Your Clothes Longer message into a wider clothes-care campaign. If you'd like to know more, contact [email protected].