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Transform Our World future goals


Teachers leading change 

We are encouraged to see that Transform Our World is starting to fill a much-needed gap in ensuring that resources which encourage environmental action in schools are easy to access, exciting and effective.


However we also know that the climate emergency facing us requires a more dynamic and forceful movement of teachers to rise up and realise their role in inspiring young people within the school system to forge a response commensurate to the scale of the challenge.


Teachers can be instrumental in nurturing the kind of values which will help young people become life-long environmental champions. Other teachers will be considering the pathway to a sustainable school, looking at how students can engage within their community to drive change. And ambitious teachers will be working with students to look to the wider world, how they can influence the change in the system to exert the power of the student voice and start to become a sustainable citizen.


We want to help the most radical teachers to up the game of the whole sector, to challenge and support each other and the wider teacher community to drive more change. And we want to work with environmental education organisations that are championing radical action to share our learnings.


We’ll be working closely with all our pioneers to provide the resources they need to create deeper change and to profile their achievements to inspire others. And in the longer term we’ll be joining together to form a new definition of sustainable schools which we can all aim for.


Transforming Pioneers

Creating a high-quality resource hub is just the first step to Transforming our World, actual Transformation will require big thinking and radical action. To take the next step we need to find 20 pioneering teachers who are up for driving major change - whether to the school-built environment, the values being strengthened through how and what we teach or through exerting the influence students can have on wider policy.


If you’re a teacher, or you know of a teacher, who is challenging the norm we want to work with you. Together we can take on the radical challenges that meet the urgency of the climate crisis, and share tools and guidance for others to follow suit.


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