Who: British Gas, Accenture and Jobcentre Plus
What: Young people - education and traning
Where: Solihull, Walsall, Glasgow and Newcastle.

The Challenge

To create jobs for 1,000 young unemployed people by 2015. 

How we helped

The knowledge of our business partners helped us gain an increased understanding of expected future skills shortages.

We wanted to deliver on our mission to help people live more sustainable lives, so we provided practical support to young people to help them gain the sustainability skills that would give them a chance to secure work in the green economy.

To make sure this happened we delivered Transform in Solihull, Walsall, Glasgow and Newcastle. So far, 46 young people have completed the course and all 23 jobs offered have been filled. The young people who did not get jobs received feedback and mentoring from British Gas and Accenture volunteer employees to further boost future employment opportunities. 


    • 97% of trainees improved core skills and confidence
    • 92% of trainees reported increased confidence in helping others become more sustainable
    • 97% of trainees are thinking of doing further sustainability jobs, volunteering, education or training
I learned exactly what the jobs at British Gas would require me to do. The in-depth talks on interview questions have given me a massive confidence boost.

- Newcastle Transform graduate

I  have already begun making improvements in my own home to improve my households sustainability. Prior to the course I was sceptical that one person can make a difference, but now I am aware that my own personal changes do have an effect on both the environment and on those around me.

- Newcastle Trainee

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