Champions are one of the best ways you can spread the sustainability message more widely, and reach more people with your behaviour change campaign.

Perhaps you are looking to recruit a group of people to help you for the first time. Or perhaps you already have champions at your fingertips - but how do you make sure you keep them engaged and empower them to deliver change?

If you can find the right people help deliver your campaign, they'll be very excited about getting involved. But often champions, after the initial contact, aren't sure what to do next.

That's where we come in.

Global Action Plan training gives champions the framework that helps them understand how to deliver behaviour change. It covers topics like:

  • Knowing your audience
  • Understanding the barriers
  • How to move from telling people, to taking them with you.

We consult with you to work out what you're looking for, and then design and deliver a bespoke training programme that meets those needs. It could be anything from an hour to a day-long session, depending on what best suits you.

We have already trained:

  1. The graduate cohort at O2 on how to apply behaviour change techniques in their work
  2. Energy Managers around the country with funding from the DECC
  3. The University of Cambridge's sustainability champions to deliver their Switch Off week.
Do you want your champions to become behaviour change experts?

Get in touch.