How young people can work with businesses to take on the SDG challenges

It’s widely known that radical change is needed if we are to live within planetary limits. In the UK this means cutting resource use to one third of current levels and the carbon footprint by 80%. The way in which young people and businesses in the UK live and work together will need to be radically different.

Many businesses are recognising the importance of their role in the sustainability challenge, and in equally Generation Z are the most climate-concerned generation ever.

Gen Z will make up 40% of global consumers by 2020 and will be the workforce of the future.

Now is the opportunity for young people and business to build a society that protects the environment more successfully than ever before.

What determines success is how young people and businesses come together, which is why the Global Action Plan Youth Panel met with 50 businesses to establish the ground rules for collaboration.

The Youth Panel turned their findings in to a pre-nup – a series of commitments, which they feel form the key to a long lasting and successful working relationship between business and young people.

What would Generation Z ask of business execs and what would they offer in return?

The pre-nup is a tool which businesses can use to audit their readiness to engage with a younger audience.

Or the pre-nup can be a spring board for dialogue and debate with teams in the business.

‘This Pre-nup from our aspiring sustainability leaders comes at just the right time. It’s never been more important for business to understand and engage with their future workforce and customers.'
Anita Longley MICRS
Chair Institute of CR and Sustainability

Where now? A sustainable future

  • GAP is here to facilitate youth-business action on environmental protection
  • For a no-strings chat or if you’d like to invite the youth panel to speak directly with your business, drop us a line by emailing our Youth Network Lead, Abi Aldridge, on [email protected]