An engaged team of employees can make all the difference to your sustainability work. It can save more carbon, help achieve your business objectives, and add social value to your brand.

But it can be hard to put a single figure on the value of that engagement. We asked O2 Telefonica to help us find answers.

Starting at Square One uses O2 Telefonica's groundbreaking Think Big programme as a case study. The report measured sustainability activity from around the business, to understand the full benefits that employee engagement brings. It found that, for every £1 O2 invested in the programme, Think Big makes £1.40.

Why not use this report to help build a case for your own organization to invest in an employee engagement programme?

We've called the report Starting at Square One because we want to talk to other businesses and understand more about how employee engagement can contribute to sustainability programmes. 

If you'd like to be part of that conversation, get in touch. 

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