This month, we're taking part in The Climate Coalition's Show The Love campaign. Climate change is impacting everything around us - weather, rivers, wildlife, seasons - the world is changing around us but we have the power to stop it. This campaign is all about 'showing the love' for the places, people, and life we want to protect from climate change - it's about noticing the changes, talking about them and asking for better from policy makers and government.

This Valentine's Day, make the planet your Valentine by taking part in Show the Love. There are 3 key ways you can get involved:

1. Notice the changes around you

There are signs of climate change all around us. Keep an eye out for early signs of spring in your neighbourhood and let The Climate Coalition and Woodland Trust know what you’ve seen.

2. Make a green heart and wear it with pride

Surprising and beautiful, green hearts can move worlds. Craft a heart to wear or even plant a heart and watch it grow. Help the love go even further by holding a green heart crafting get together with friends!

3. Share the love

Show the world how you’re taking part! Take photos, hold events and tell the world about the campaign on social media using the hashtag #ShowTheLove. If you want to get your MP involved, why not send them a green heart and spread the planet love?

For more ideas on how to join the campaign, visit the Show the Love website.

Here at Global Action Plan, we've challenged our team to get involved in 3 ways:

1. By joining our green heart crafting lunches and making green hearts.

2. By having conversations with people about climate change and consumption.

3. By taking a photo of them having these conversations (and wearing their green hearts).

Keep an eye on our social media channels or follow the #ShowTheLove hashtag to see how we get on!