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Take action on a larger scale


1)  Sign up to the Global Action Plan social media channels at the bottom of this page and  share your opinions and this resource, using #Idontbuyit.

2)  Write to your child’s school encouraging them to use Global Action Plans free school resources helping children live lives that are better for them and the planet.

3)  Write something for the school newsletter to help spark support from other parents.

4)   Write a letter to your local Councillor or MP asking them to review how online advertising is regulated.

5)   Share this website with your friends, or people you work with, talk to other parents about how you can protect your children.

6)   Start a petition asking for example big fashion, tech or beauty businesses to be more transparent in their supply chain about their products' the social and environmental.

7)   Get out on the streets and protest climate change – use your banners to send a message