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Three steps to help young people be more resilient to advertising


1. Help to identify advertising, particularly where it is less obvious such as a promoted post on Instagram. Make a point of calling out advertising when you see it, discussing how it is trying to influence us and how we spend our money.


2. Understand and talk about how companies capture and use our data online. Install ad-blockers on your internet browsers. Show young people how not to consent to sites and apps’ access to personal data online – all of these will reduce how many ads they see on a daily basis. There are links to digital privacy toolkits and free ad-block plugins below.


3. Help them to unplug and relax – the biggest buffer between ads and your children is reducing the amount of screen time they have daily. There’s more information and some suggestions on how to do this on the page below.


Free resources: ad-block plugins and digital privacy tools

AdBlock Plus





Opera Browser

Privacy Badger

Stands Fair Adblocker

uBlock Origin


Factsheets; social media platforms and how to view and edit your advertising settings


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