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Have you noticed how many ads you see?



Our highly consumerist society teaches us that owning more equates to indiviual success and at Global Action Plan, we just don't buy it.


Advertising convinces young people that buying more will provide them with a sense of satisfaction. But relentless purchasing only creates short highs and fails to address our underlying need for a sense of self worth. It is also fuelling the unsustainable use of our planet's resources.


'#Idontbuyit' calls out the forces that drive hyper-consumption and exposes the marketing techniques that are harmful to young people and the planet.


Consuming less and focusing on what makes us happy are critical in combating climate change and boosting wellbeing. If you are a young person, #Idontbuyit will support you to challenge the pressure to consume, and set your own vision for what a happier, more sustainable future might look like.


If you are a parent, #Idontbuyit will help you to build a resilience to our toxic culture of looks, likes and shopping. We will guide you to teach your young people strategies for a genuinely happier life.