Sector: Retail
Employees: 161,000
Location: UK-wide

The challenge

Sainsbury's launched the Greenest Grocer campaign in October 2013 to build on their 20*20 Sustainability Plan. The campaign was designed to engage employees in reducing the stores’ environmental impact by reducing energy usage by 3%.   

How we helped

Global Action Plan and the energy team at Sainsbury's tapped into the motivations of Sainsbury’s colleagues to develop an action-focused campaign that demonstrates the link between energy-saving actions and a great shopping experience. With the use of eye-catching communications, store manager workshops and fortnightly support from energy leads, UK’s Greenest Grocer has inspired a wave of activity around energy saving in stores. Colleagues have gone above and beyond expectations to embed best practise on energy excellence into their everyday routines.


The impact of the campaign has been felt throughout Sainsbury's .  

    • Carbon savings of over 10,000 tCO2,
    • On average the stores are meeting their 3% energy reduction target
    • Millions of pounds saved for Sainsbury’s.

The key to the programme’s success has been regular impact reporting of the actions taken by colleagues and communicating the impact of those actions in a meaningful way such as equating saved energy to the number of loaves it could bake.

What's next?

All this hard work was recognised with Greenest Grocer winning the Environmental Leadership Award for Organisational Behavioural Change in 2015.  And the campaign hasn’t ended there. We continue to work with Sainsbury’s to embed Greenest Grocer across their network of stores.

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