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We have ready-made EcoInteractive displays to help you talk about complex environmental issues and get people to act. You can use them in different settings, from school days to corporate events, to get people thinking about their energy and water consumption.

Off the (GAP) Shelf - EcoInteractive attention grabbers:

  • Driving: Run a fuel-efficient driving contest with our eco-driving simulator
  • Water: Create customised individual water saving plans with our Water Wizard
  • Energy: Get people to use pedal power with our Energy bike to play music or light
  • Travel: pump carbon rather than iron in our Carbon gym to visualise the impact of different travel choices
  • DIY Pick & Mix: select a range of simple games from our Eco Suitcase to suit all eco angles

How does it work?

  1. Contact us, or submit an enquiry form
  2. We'll get in touch to discuss:
    • what kind of theme you'd like (e.g. water, waste, etc)
    • how many people you want to reach
    • location and timings
  3. We'll write you a quote for the display hire plus logistical costs (discounts are available)
  4. We arrange the delivery of the display materials
  5. A team of ambassadors will come on the day to help you set up and deliver your event

The eco-driving simulator brought attention to our environment policy in a fun & involving way, and as a result is more likely to produce lasting change.

Simon Eves, Environmental Affairs, Panasonic UK Ltd.

Based on over 20 years of experience and research, EcoInteractive displays make all kinds of event exciting. 


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