We’ve all seen the waste mountains, the turtles choking on ocean plastics, the polluted smog settling on our major cities; and our fellow people - some only kids, working in horrible conditions to mine resources and manufacture our latest must-haves.

How many of us think about these wider issues when we buy something new, from that fidget spinner orthis season’s leopard print onesie, to the disposable cups we sup coffees from on the move? It may seem like a far-fetched link, but actually our choices and voices really do matter.

Why should we be putting up with companies selling us stuff that damages lives and the world? Why do we put up with spending hard-earned money on gadgets that break in a matter of months or are “no longer supported”, locking us into constant upgrade loops? Why are companies allowed to sell things that have to be chucked rather than fixed or reused – removing not only local economy job opportunities, but also creating huge waste dumps?

Let’s re-claim our rights as citizens and conscious customers and demand that companies provide better goods that last. Let’s tell political and business decision makers that we will not stand for products that have negative impacts on our environment or fellow human beings. If we vote with our wallets and make deliberate and informed buying choices we can shape the world we want to live in.

Join the movement…

(See references for data and sources of the trends/stats eluded to)