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Post-consumerism projects


 We work to increase wellbeing - for us and the planet. We bring business and young people together to work on a sustainable future - helping young people develop the skills and knowledge to tackle environmental issues is good for the planet and for everyone's future too. The climate and ecological crisis calls for a radical rethink about how we live our lives. Conversations about plastic straws aren't going to crack it. To see response at the required scale we need to mobilise government, business, the media and the public to all step up to play their part. So we are providing the building blocks for the Post-consumerism Movement

Brentford Together  Brentford Together aims to tackle poor health, social isolation and harness community skills to boost low volunteering rates in Brentford. The project is providing local residents with free community-led health and wellbeing sessions. Workshops include sessions on cooking, sewing, bicycle maintenance, first aid, knitting and gardening. 


Brentford Together
Dirt is Good The ways we have been living have led to major threats to our natural world and the younger generation will experience the most serious consequences of these actions. These rapid changes are taking a toll on young people’s mental well-being. Working with Unilever as thought leadership partner for Persil’s Dirt Is Good Project, we commissioned new research to explore young people’ s values and how they perceive the values of others


End surveillance advertising to kids Children are bombarded with advertising online, much of it precision targeted and highly manipulative. Unlike on TV, there are no rules limiting the the number of adverts shown to kids online. It's time there were. And it's time to end surveillance advertising to children, full stop.


End Surveillance Advertising to Kids
Flickers of the Future The way that we depict the future plays a critical part in how it unfolds, and research shows that the bleak dystopias that films are currently portraying create fear, denial and passivity. Flickers of the future is a competition calling on young content creators to tell a different story - one where humans and planet thrive together.


Transform Our World 

A collaborative online hub that supports teachers in bringing environmental and social action into the classroom through showcasing quality-rated resources, programmes and events available from partner organisations.


The hub features a range of themes from Sustainable Development Goals, to Values and Wellbeing, and Food and Consumption. Regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events for teachers happen regularly online for the Transform Our World community, and tools are also featured to help any teacher feel empowered and confident in teaching about climate change.    


Transform Our World also hosts the annual Youth Climate Summit and aims to work with young people through the UK Schools Sustainability Network


Transform Our World