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The Post-consumerism movement

Consumerism as a prevailing value system is causing damage to the wellbeing of our young people and drives behaviour which is threatening the future of our planet. The drivers of consumerism are powerful and ever present – hard for us to resist as individuals.


Global Action Plan's role is to bring together wide ranges of people, getting to the root causes and creating solutions that meet an existential challenge.


Collectively we need to demonstrate that change is possible through smart challenges to apparently impenetrable systems, infuse the sector with fresh visions of a positive future which young people can aspire to, enable environmental educators to reinforce compassionate values and weaken self-interest and establish an accepted cultural narrative that consumerism is damaging to people and planet.


Our post-consumerism work has five main aims:


  • Calling on the UK Government to adopt a wellbeing economy
  • Calling on businesses to adopt wellbeing-driven business models
  • For policymakers to regulate the drivers of destructive practices
  • Calling on cultural influencers to portray genuinely sustainable lifestyles that benefit people and planet
  • Help young people to show care and concern for wellbeing of people and planet through words and actions