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Bringing people together to Save Water in Hay Mills

PlugIn is an exciting new partnership between Global Action Plan, Severn Trent Water, Birmingham City Council and the Environment Agency which will reduce the amount of waste water in Hay Mills.

During 1st February- 28th March, the PlugIn project team is in Hay Mills working alongside local residents and community groups such as Redhill Primary School and St Cyprians Church. This project is a great opportunity for residents to attend coffee mornings, workshops and a celebration event to highlight water saving issues and help them save water in their home.

By contacting the PlugIn team, there could be FREE water-saving kit available to residents who sign up to a visit from Severn Trent Water who will then install the kit. The potential kit available includes:

  • Mira showerheads (RRP £25.99) - This water saving shower head will cut the amount of water you use without compromising your shower


    • Showersaves (RRP £2.99) - A small gadget that screws onto the bottom of your shower hose and will save you water
    • Hippo Bag (RRP £2.50) - A bag that fits into your cistern to save 1 litre of water per flush


    • EcoBeta (RRP £25.99) - Convert any toilet into a dual flush toilet. Push down the lever and let go for a short flush or hold the lever down for a big flush

    • Shower Timer (RRP £1.65) - Use the 4 minute shower timer as a guide to help you reduce your showering time. Challenge your family!

      • Tap Inserts (RRP £4.99) - When inserted into basin taps these mix air with water, giving the same effect while using a lower volume of water

      Water is essential to our daily lives. We use it for many of our household activities including cooking, washing and in our heating systems. This is why we need to take care of our water systems and resources to ensure there is enough available for future generations.

      Please contact [email protected] or visit for more information about how you can be a part of PlugIn.

      You can keep up to date on events through Facebook and Twitter