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Flickers of the Future Gallery

Remain focussed, stay positive, keep imagining a more sustainable, healthier, equitable world.

At GAP that’s exactly what we’re doing. Through Flickers of the Future, we are harnessing the Solarpunk style of some very talented young artists to picture what the future could look like, with green technologies, shared spaces, less pollution. Better for our planet, better for our communities, better for us. To make sure this incredible work is seen far and wide we welcome anyone and everyone to share our art collection, to imagine, to inspire, to motivate. Enjoy!


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Illustration of grocery store ina sustainable future
Illustration of people in a park
Illustration of hands at a dining table
Illustration of woman picking tomatoes from outside her window
Illustration of man behind a fruit and veg stall
Illustration of kitchen with reusable containers of food
Floating green and silver dress amongst greenery
Model in shiny futuristic looking clothes

Anustha Kishor




Community Cafe illustration of a sustainable future
Spaces for the community in a sustainable future
Spaces for the community in a sustainable future illustration
Urban living spaces in a sustainable future

Ashleigh Hewitt


Dipo Kayode-Osi

Illustration of broken chair being fixed
Illustration of character coming out of a mobile phone reaching out to a dog person hybrid.
Two alien like creatures having coffee
Alien creatures buying clothes
Illustration of alien creature walking a baby in a pram across a blue zebra crossing
Illustration of sushi
Illustration of people gardening in front of some buildings
Illustration of vegetables in a bag with jars of food
Illustration of two hands on a table with food on it
Illustration of hand and spoon over a pot with chopping board and knife and vegetables
Illustration representing farmers market - vegetables including pumpkins, aubergines and cauliflowers
Woman and children learning and looking at a book outdoors
Illustration of train passing through the countryside
Illustration of two neighbours gardening and talking over the fence
Illustration where outdoor adverts are replaced by artwork
Illustration elderly person reading newspaper and having coffee at a table on a roof garden
Illustration of two children playing football in the street and two adults walk by

Market stall with local produce

Julia Sabiniarz



Illustration of a sustainable high street in the future
Illustration of person wearing the same outfit in three different poses
illustration of people upcycling and repairing clothes
Illustration of people swapping clothes
Illustration of a clothes rental shop
Illustration of clothes label and hand

Kat Demetriou-Jones




Plan B and Sold Out




Illustration of travel in a sustainable future
Illustration of people growing and living with nature
Illustration of people with plants on their heads gardening
Illustration of people with plants on their heads looking out of a window of a building with lots of plant life around it
illustration of person with a flower head sitting on a bench looking at a train going past with a cows and sheep
Illustration of plant head people having a picnic

Preethika Asokan




Illustration of public space in the future
Illustration of public space in the future
Illustration of public space in the future
Illustration of a slow tourism future
Illustration of upcycle and repair shop
Bus stop advert promoting second hand clothes
Cartoon of couple in bed thinking about how they used to have to commute to work
Cartoon of couple giving food and clean laundry to woman with baby representing gift giving in a sustainable future