Volunteers make the difference with Operation TLC at Great Ormond Street Hospital  

With volunteer support, Great Ormond Street Hospital is successfully demonstrating how simple changes in our behaviour can lead to more healing and comfortable environments for both hospital staff and patients as part of the Operation TLC programme. 

Operation TLC is being run across the hospital with wards, offices and the estates team. It asks staff and visitors to switch off unnecessary lighting and equipment and help to manage temperature better, all things that make the hospital more comfortable for staff and patients.  These simple actions also help to cut energy use, saving carbon and money.

GOSH volunteers have done a fantastic job of supporting the Operation TLC team. Volunteers Peter Roche and Val Clyne have helped to measure the effectiveness of the heating and lighting campaigns by completing behaviour change and energy audits across the hospital.

The Impact of Operation TLC

Volunteers with a good knowledge of the wards have invaluable insights into the staff and patient experience and are uniquely placed to monitor on-going progress and help us to embed change with Great Ormond Street.


"We were able to see the improvements first hand on the wards. It became more evident when you went around and you saw the lights dimmed or off, you would see a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Whereas if the lights are blaring there isn’t that calmness or quietness, and children are much less peaceful."

Val Clyne, Operation TLC Volunteer

"I felt like an angel! I was so concerned with one of the senior nurses, she was in a tiny room and it was so hot inside! She had to keep closing the door to keep her conversations with patients confidential. I was able to tell her how she could take more control of the temperature."

Peter Roche, Operation TLC Volunteer


Opportunities with Operation TLC

Jamie Wilcox, the Head of Volunteer Services at Great Ormond Street explained that the Trust is committed to engaging volunteers in meaningful roles that enhance services and improve the patient and family experience.


I have enjoyed working with the Operation TLC team because I received a thorough introduction which provided me with a clear understanding of the programme.



I made lots of friends – I love it. Operation TLC gave me great personal insight into the heart of a hospital. I can say it’s a fantastic hospital! – seeing the recovery rooms and high dependency wards, I felt privileged to be able to do it. The briefing was very good, understood perfectly. There has been a total improvement – big tick to Operation TLC!


If you would like to get involved in helping to create healing environments at GOSH, then please get in contact with operationTLC@globalactionplan.org.uk.

To find out more about Operation TLC and read other case studies, click on the link below.

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