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What is Operation TLC?

Operation TLC is our award-winning behaviour change programme developed in partnership with Barts Health NHS Trust. 

This unique programme trains staff throughout the hospital to adopt simple, energy efficient behaviours that can save you a significant sum of money.  They also improve your patients’ well- being. Research has found that actions like darkening hospital rooms at night can reduce sleep disturbances by 38% and help your patients get the rest they need. Increasing the use of natural daylight during the day has been shown to shorten hospital stays and reduce the use of pain medications by 22%.

Operation TLC has been delivered in Trusts across the country including Great Ormond Street Hospital, King's College Hospital and Frimley Park. If adopted by all Trusts, it would save the NHS £35million p.a.  An impressive saving from simply Turning Equipment Off, ensuring Lights are Out and Controlling your heating.  


With Operation TLC, your Trust can:

The Trusts we have worked with have saved an average of 3% on their energy bills and have seen a return on their investment within 1 year.

So far Operation TLC has saved the NHS over half a million on a £17 million energy spend. 

Create a more healing environment for patients.

Fewer sleep disruptions, protected Quiet Times and better temperature control are just some of the benefits of Operation TLC. All of which support you in delivering more compassionate care.

At King's University Hospital, there was a 39% increase in the patients receiving protected time to rest and recover through Operation TLC Quiet Time each day.

Boost staff morale

Staff on Operation TLC wards at Barts Health reported a boost to team spirit and collaboration and felt proud to be improving patient care. They even said that it helped improve relationships with their patients. 

Reduce your carbon emissions

Operation TLC can help your Trust to meet its legislative obligations to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 while saving money and actually improving patient care. NHS Trusts - including Great Ormond Street Hospital, King's College Hospital and Frimley Park have already saved 2155 tonnes of CO2. 

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