Sector: Telecomms/technology
Employees: 8,500 (in scope)
Location: Slough/Leeds/London

The challenge

Following the success of our flexi-working partnership, O2 Telefónica wanted to do even more to boost staff effectiveness and productivity. We worked together to create an innovative communications campaign and behaviour change programme that would help them become the UK’s smartest business.

How we helped

We spent time with the HR department and staff to understand how people worked, and to find the behaviours that could be influenced with the greatest impact. The key behaviours we found were:

  • Smarter meetings
  • Only travel when it is the smartest option
  • Use the right tool for the job
  • Chair productive meetings
  • Apply [email protected] tips to your day
  • Share & collaborate

We created an engagement plan focused on these actions, which also included a strong internal communications programme. At the launch event, CEO Ronan Dunne pledged to work differently using the [email protected] principles.


Having buy-in from managers was crucial to the success of the programme. Employees needed to feel they had permission to take on the challenge. 

We also created an eye-catching campaign that allowed colleagues to create their own action plans. For example, we created a decision tool that we displayed in meeting rooms to help colleagues decide the best type of meeting to hold. No longer did people feel they had to book hour-long meetings.

The results exceeded expectations; all of the different departments got involved, took ownership and created plans specific to their needs. By changing working habits and replacing travel with technology, the programme achieved

    • 424 tonnes CO2 saved
    • 29,212 hours of employee productivity gained
    • £509,100 in total cost savings in employee productivity & travel costs saved

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