Sector: Telecomms/Technology
Employees: 8,500 (IN SCOPE)

The challenge

With employee numbers growing, O2 Telefónica UK's car parks were over capacity, turning away as many as 150 cars a day at some sites. They needed a new, broader approach to fulfill their commitment to flexi-working.

Encouraging employees to work from home one day per week would require a cultural change in the organisation, but Telefónica O2 UK knew that flexi-working had the potential to improve improved well-being and staff productivity while decreasing operating costs.

How we helped

In four weeks, we designed a robust, business-case led flexi-working programme, focusing on 5 key elements:

  • Senior leadership messaging
  • Technology and policy barriers
  • Management perceptions and skill sets
  • Communications and education
  • A better work/life balance


By gaining a a deep understanding of Telefónica O2 UK's core values, Global Action Plan embedded a widespread culture shift across directorates and employees.

    • 96% of employees felt equally or more productive flexi-working
    • 100% of staff reported a better work/life balance
    • For every desk not required in an office, Telefónica O2 UK saves £7,000 PA

The flexi-working programme was a finalist in the Transport category of the Sustainability Leaders' Awards 2013.

[Global Action Plan] has transformed in 4 weeks what we have been trying to do for 4 years.

- Telefónica O2 UK director

What's next?

We are continuing to work with Telefónica O2 UK to help employees be even more productive through their [email protected] programme.

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