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Why the Sustainable City Awards matter for London

by Jennette Arnold OBE, 

Global Action Plan Trustee

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As a current Board Member at Global Action Plan and former Chair of the London Sustainability Exchange, I am proud to have been involved in the Sustainable City Awards over the last several years.


These awards represent for me a real opportunity to showcase work being done to improve the environment and combat climate change in London.


Applications are now open for the 2022 awards and the focus this year is on action to promote wellbeing for people and planet and find the Londoners who are driving change for a green and thriving capital.


Why the Sustainable City Awards matter for London


The state of London’s environment affects everyone who lives in, works in and visits the city. Things are improving, but there remain continued challenges to London from toxic air, noise pollution, threats to our green spaces, and the adverse effects of climate change.


As we know, London is a world city and so it is a complex and difficult place to get things done, especially in connection with sustainable improvements to the environment. But we know it is possible. We have seen the evidence from the many projects we have been involved in ourselves and the huge amount of work done by others. Our 2021 awards, for example, featured work done to;


  • develop a horticulture programme in schools
  • launch cycling clubs for marginalised groups
  • introduce school friendly streets
  • address pollution within hospitals
  • champion air quality improvements on our roads

Some were local initiatives run by small groups; others were developed across a whole Borough and beyond. I want to encourage applications from the widest possible range of organisations and community groups, no matter the scale of your project. It’s the impact you are having that is the important issue.


You could be interested in creating change to help Londoners live and work in ways that are good for their physical and mental health and that of the planet; your project might involve delivering environmental change whilst working with the additional challenges posed by the pandemic; you could be working with previously marginalised groups to build a fairer more sustainable future for all.

In addition, you may know someone who is making an outstanding difference, who is a real champion for environmental change in the voluntary and community sector. You can nominate them for a specific award - The Samantha Heath Award for London’s Changemaker of the Year.


Please don’t be shy - feel free to self-nominate and/or nominate others. Find out more about the application process.


If you have something to shout about, we want to hear from you.


Find out more about the Sustainable City Awards, including category criteria and how to make a nomination on our awards page