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Transform our World Pioneers


Are you a Transforming Pioneer?

We know that there are many bold and visionary teachers out there pioneering green action by getting their whole school involved in creating lasting change.


Global Action Plan is setting up a pilot group of teacher pioneers and we’d love you to bring your experience of creating large-scale environmental change to share with others. As well as connecting with other inspiring teacher pioneers, you would be helping us understand what resources are needed to turn ambitions into reality and drive fundamental change.


If this sounds like you, get in touch!



Why we need Transforming Pioneers

There’s nothing like inspiring role models to make change happen.


We want to help the most radical teachers to up the game of the whole sector, to challenge and support each other and the wider teacher community to drive more change. And we want to work with environmental education organisations that are championing radical action to share our learnings.


We want to find and work with Transforming Pioneers so that their stories can inspire fundamental and deep rooted environmental action across the teacher community.  Having the chance to connect these teachers with each other is a great chance to celebrate their work, keep them motivated and inspire them to raise the bar on their own plans. We’ll be working closely with all our pioneers to provide the resources they need to create deeper change and to profile their achievements to inspire others. 


By sharing the steps of their journey to embed meaningful change in their school, the Transforming Pioneers can help us make the journey of change accessible for teachers everywhere.  


If this sounds like you or a colleague of yours, we'd love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected]



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