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People Just Say Nothing – About Climate Change
Francisca, Seapa and Hugo sit around a table recording podcast

Even though 9 out of 10 young people aged 16-24 (Gen Z) care about the climate crisis, only a third are talking about it with their friends, according to new research Global Action Plan conducted in partnership with Virgin Media O2. It found that many of them – in particular young men – feel excluded from conversations about climate change, or are reluctant to engage online, as they don’t feel knowledgeable enough to get involved or worry about being judged by their friends or followers for their views.


With the world's biggest climate change conference, COP26, currently underway, stars of “People Just Do Nothing” Allan 'Seapa' Mustafa and Hugo Chegwin have created a special climate-focussed episode of their hit Kurupt FM podcast, “Chattin'’ ----”, to encourage young people to get more involved in the climate change conversation.


Nicola Green, from Virgin Media O2, said: “We’re supercharging the climate conversation with this special podcast episode, and with Hugo, Seapa and Francisca Rockey behind the mic, we’ll help young people to get chatting about the climate crisis through COP26 and beyond.”


Sonja Graham, CEO from Global Action Plan, said: “We believe that by providing young people with a platform and a voice, we can amplify their views and opinions and help them to inspire others to share their concern and take action too.”


During the episode, the award-winning comedy duo are joined by Gen Z Climate activist, Francisca Rockey to “chat shit” about the climate crisis and help answer some of their questions – including what climate change actually is, what is COP26, and how to get more involved in conversations online without fear of being called out or “cancelled”.


Seapa and Hugo said: "We are masters at chattin' sh*t about anything and everything. But when it comes to the climate crisis, it can get a bit long, where do you start? On our podcast that’s where.” 


“The research by Virgin Media O2 and Global Action Plan got us thinking about how we can use talking absolute sh*t for just over an hour for good use and help answer some of the questions people maybe too scared to ask. Cool young guys like us talk about trainers and music - why not the planet? Hopefully we can help start some conversations and quite possibly save the word with nothing but our voices, you’re welcome.”


“Chattin’ Shit To Save The Planet” with Virgin Media O2 is available via here.