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Newsletter: Sick of seeing too many ads? So are we. Meet the #Idontbuy it campaign

We're very excited to launch our #Idontbuyit campaign for parents and young people. Our highly consumerist society teaches us that owning more equates to individual success and at Global Action Plan, we just don't buy it. Read about how we are calling out forces that drive hyper-consumption and exposing the marketing techniques that are harmful to young people and the planet.


#Idontbuyit | The UK's 58 million 'trainer mountain'


A black and white photos of a pile of trainers

We recently commissioned a survey which reveals that UK teenagers own a staggering 58 million trainers, with teens confessing that almost a third of these shoes - 19 million - were unworn in the last three months. This 58 million 'trainer mountain' is a symptom of the relentless pressure on teenagers to consume, increasingly fuelled by digital and social media advertising. Coverage of our research was this morning featured on the Victoria Derbyshire show and in The Times amongst other articles.

The #Idontbuyit parents campaign offers a guide to help build resilience to our toxic culture of looks, likes and shopping, and helps parents teach their young people strategies for a genuinely happier life.


The #idontbuyit parents campaign



Protecting young people from the pressure to buy

an illustration of different products that get advertised to people including energy drinks, lipstick, designer handbags, ice cream, shampoo and mints

Consuming less and focusing on what makes us happy are critical in combating climate change and reversing spiralling mental health. The #Idontbuyit young people's campaign supports young people to challenge the pressure to consume from social media and online advertising, and set their own vision for what a happier, more sustainable future might look like.

We've started an #Idontbuyit movement and set a challenge for young people to list everything they are told to buy within one minute on social media. Read more about it, and how we are raising awareness and sharing resilience tips to help protect young people from the harmful effects of this type of advertising.


The #idontbuyit young people's campaign



Transforming Our World

Transform our World logo

On the day of the historic global climate strikes, with over 4 million people turning out around the world for the youth-led protests, we launched the Transform Our World teacher resource hub. Free, teacher reviewed and rated resources are available to help teachers empower youth environmental action. Please pass the word on to any teacher contacts!


Visit the Hub!


Global Action Plan has created Transform Our World as part of our pledge to the #iwill campaign, a movement of over 1,000 organisations from across the UK that aims to make participation in social action - such as volunteering, campaigning, supporting peers or fundraising - the norm for young people aged 10-20.

The #iwill Fund supports Transform Our World.

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