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Newsletter: School Streets needed to ensure child safety post-lockdown

We hope you are well and keeping safe. We wanted to alert you to our most recent campaign.

School streets to ensure child safety


Based on new research Global Action Plan, along with nine NGOs, are calling on councils to trial “School Street” schemes in light of schools reopening next week to aid safe social distancing at the school gate. “School streets” restrict traffic outside schools, which will make more space for parents and children at pick-up and drop-off, many schools face the risk of parents and children spilling in to a road with traffic to stay two meters from each other.


We are urging councils to make use of the £280 million made available by UK governments to build cycle lanes, widen pavements and restrict motor traffic to make our neighbourhoods safer. 


With the public advised to only use public transport as a last resort, a surge in car travel is also possible if families do not feel it is safe enough for their children to walk or cycle to school.


A mum and two children walking along a pavement holding hands. Image from Living Streets.

Image from Living Streets

How can you help:



The ten NGOs are made up of Global Action Plan, Mums for Lungs, Living Streets, Possible, ClientEarth, Cycling UK, Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation Partnership, FIA Foundation, Ella Roberta Family Foundation and Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Charity.



Fashion that's fair, not just for billionaires

A new future for fashion is urgently needed. Our Managing Partner Sonja Graham has written a post on the inequalities within fashion, how COVID-19 is being used to fuel consumption, and what steps we can take. Read the full story here.


Fashion that



Most people, deep down, are decent


Our project specialist, Morgan Philips, thinks that most people, deep down, are decent. In his review of Rutger Bregman's Humankind: A Hopeful History he looks at how this booked challenged his ideas, and what the implications are for how we run projects and engage people to achieve a better world.


The Book "humankind" is on a table, with a notebook above it



Coronavirus and recycling your electricals

It's so easy for old electrical items and the resources they contain to get lost in the bottom of a drawer because we don't know what to do with them or where to take them. If you've been using your time during lockdown to do some decluttering, don’t bin your old electricals; gather up, prepare and store them in a bag until after lockdown. Visit to find step by step information to help you prepare your items ready to recycle or pass on.



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