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Newsletter: Launching Clean Air for Schools and Values to Transform Our World

It has been a busy fortnight for us at Global Action Plan! Read our latest news on how we are working to connect what's good for us and good for the planet.


Launching the Clean Air for Schools programme with Philips Foundation and University of Manchester


A group of school pupils taking part in a clean air activity in the classroom

Together with The Philips Foundation and The University of Manchester, today we launched the 'Clean Air for Schools' programme in Greater Manchester.

Featured in today's Times, the programme is the largest of its kind to be launched in the UK, with 20 participating schools and 6000 students to be included in the 10-month study. It aims to support schools to improve air quality as well as understand for the first time the impact of air pollution in schools by studying the varying levels of air quality in classrooms and how this affects school children.

Mark Leftwich from The Philips Foundation said: “This urgent threat to our children’s health requires an urgent response, which is why we are launching this programme today. Working together with other change agents such as Global Action Plan and the University of Manchester, we have the ability to act now to better protect this generation of school children.."


Read about our Clean Air for Schools programme



Values to Transform Our World - our framework for student wellbeing and a healthy planet

5 ways to wellbeing graphic: connect, learn, be active, take notice, give

Yesterday on World Values Day, we published our paper 'Values to Transform Our World', aimed at school leaders but relevant to anyone with an interest in the future of education. It suggests a framework for student wellbeing and a healthy planet, drawn from decades of academic research. It aims to enable teachers to support young people to be more resilient to an increasingly toxic culture of looks, likes, and shopping, by embedding the values of responsible citizenship and environmental stewardship.

PSHE Association Chief Executive Jonathan Baggaley joined us yesterday for a Values workshop with Year 8 at a South London school, and said "With the climate crisis showing young people’s determination to stand up for what they believe in, we have a critical opportunity to support them to link the things they value with the goals they set for their future. Schools can play a crucial role in exploring, clarifying and strengthening personal values that challenge ‘fame and fortune’ as the primary measure of success. Putting this vital work in today will support young people’s wellbeing and help them build a better world."


Read about our Values to Transform our World paper



Transform Our World | Values resources for teachers

Values to Transform Our World:

This month's resource focus on our Transform Our World online teacher resource hub is 'Values in education'. As well as the Global Action Plan Goals for Good resource (which draws from research into positive psychology and sustainability to help young people live happier, healthier, and more planet friendly lifestyles), it also features resources from World Values Day, People United and Young Minds.

Transform Our World is a new hub full of free, practical resources for teachers. It empowers young people to tackle the root causes of the climate breakdown and biodiversity loss.


Visit the Hub


Global Action Plan has created Transform Our World as part of our pledge to the #iwill campaign, a movement of over 1,000 organisations from across the UK that aims to make participation in social action - such as volunteering, campaigning, supporting peers or fundraising - the norm for young people aged 10-20.

The #iwill Fund supports Transform Our World.

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