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Newsletter: Join us at the London Climate Change Festival on 30th March

We hope 2020 is being good to you so far. Here's an update on our work, as well as some dates for your 2020 diaries: London Climate Change Festival is Monday 30th March, and Clean Air Day is Thursday 18th June.

"A growing movement, a growing outrage and real action to improve air quality..."

Cover of the Clean Air Day 2019 celebration and insights report

On 20 June 2019, hundreds of thousands of people stood up, spoke up and got out there to do something about air pollution. Our recently published Clean Air Day 2019 Celebration Report reflects on the achievements and impact of the day.


Global Action Plan Senior Partner Chris Large said: "Clean Air Day exists because people in communities all over the UK are not prepared to accept air pollution as an inevitable fact of life. I am so grateful that all of you out there - professionals and volunteers of all ages - treat this health crisis as an emergency. I am not alone in recognising your efforts. Thank you.”


Clean Air Day 2020 will be taking place on Thursday 18th June.


Download the Clean Air Day Celebration Report 2019



Compassion vs. Consumerism | Join our free event at London Climate Change Festival | 30th March, 5pm


Compassion vs consumerism: meeting future challenges head on

Join the debate! Get your free ticket to our London Climate Change Festival event Compassion vs. Consumerism: Meeting future challenges head on.


Our Head of Wellbeing and Consumerism Natasha Parker is chairing a panel of expert voices, including writer and journalist Lucy Siegle, Wayne Hemingway MBE, investigative journalist Jacques Peretti and author and futurist James Wallman as they discuss how we meet the challenges brought about by our consumerist society.


Compassion vs. Consumerism: Meeting future challenges head on is taking place on Monday 30th March at 5pm, Charing Cross Theatre, London. Tickets are free but there are a limited number - book yours ASAP!

Book your free ticket now



Transform Our World | Turning anxiety into action


77% of students said that thinking about climate change makes them nervous

Transform Our World is a hub full of free, practical resources for teachers, coordinated by Global Action Plan. It empowers young people to tackle the root causes of the climate breakdown and biodiversity loss.

The next climate strike is this Friday, and we want teachers to know that there are a range of resources available on our hub to help them respond to climate anxiety.


Our Turning anxiety into action campaign aims to:

  • inspire student action as an outlet for climate-anxiety
    empower calm, confident teachers who feel able to manage student climate-anxiety
    make the case for whole-school engagement in climate action
    start a wider conversation about reform in education


Turning anxiety into action: resources for teachers


Global Action Plan has created Transform Our World as part of our pledge to the #iwill campaign, a movement of over 1,000 organisations from across the UK that aims to make participation in social action - such as volunteering, campaigning, supporting peers or fundraising - the norm for young people aged 10-20.

The #iwill Fund supports Transform Our World.

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