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Newsletter: It's Clean Air Day!

Today is Clean Air Day! We are the proud coordinators of this huge day of action on air quality, and are thrilled to see 520 events happening all over the UK, from Cornwall to the Western Isles of Scotland.


Read about what's been happening today and how we are working to connect what's good for you and what's good for the planet.


57% of unborn babies exposed to air pollution


An image of a pregnat woman and the text "Air pollution, How are we harming the next generation"

Our news story which has landed today for Clean Air Day shows that 57% of women spend more time in a car when heavily pregnant - likely to be a result of walking, cycling and using public transport becoming increasingly difficult.  


As pollution levels are nearly double inside a car compared to walking, this can be the equivalent of a minimum of 2.6 million unborn UK babies being exposed to additional air pollution over the past 6 years.


Chris Large, Senior Partner at Global Action Plan said: "“In the same way we would consider smoking in front of pregnant women as harmful to the babies’ health, so should we think of idling in our cars so causing unnecessary pollution as equally socially unacceptable."


Read about how you can protect your family's health



"I'm fighting all the time to get air into my lungs"


Cheryl talks about how her and her husband's health has been affected by air pollution


Find out about how air pollution affects your health



Clean Air Day: Get involved!


A graphic with the text "I

From laughter yoga to pollution pods, events are popping up all over the country for Clean Air Day. There are plans for events beyond today and into the weekend, so take a look at our Clean Air Day events map to see what's happening near you.


If you're not able to get to an event, you could support today by downloading a pledge from our free resources, and tweeting it using #CleanAirDay. We've been trending on Twitter since this morning, so get in on the action!


Check out the Clean Air Day events map



If your business would like to collaborate with Global Action Plan on a project, work with our Youth Panel, or support one of our programmes, please contact us at [email protected]
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Have a great Bank Holiday weekend, 
The Global Action Plan team

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