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Newsletter: Global Action Plan and London Sustainability Exchange join forces

We have some exciting news!

Global Action Plan and London Sustainability Exchange join forces



Gloal Action Plan and London Sustainability Exchange are joining forces

As of 1st December 2019, Global Action Plan have joined forces with London Sustainability Exchange (LSx). GAP’s heritage in running environmental campaigns which connect what is good for people and what is good for the planet was found to be a great match for LSx’s continued ambitions.

GAP’s work in providing the building blocks for the clean air movement and igniting the post consumerism movement will benefit from LSx’s grassroots community engagement skills, and supporter networks. The Sustainable City Awards which LSx has coordinated for the last two years will continue.

Gail Freeman Interim Chief Executive of LSx, says ‘The climate emergency and the air pollution health crisis demand that environmental groups work ever more seamlessly. Joining up with Global Action Plan will enable us to secure the legacy of Samantha Heath, who led LSx with such skill until shortly before her passing earlier in 2019.”

The two organisations are already putting their combined capabilities and skills into practice in live projects.


Read more about GAP and LSx's merger



Clean Air Hub launches! Air pollution guidance all under one roof

the clean air hub logo along with a outline line drawing of a family

Whether you want to learn more about what air pollution is, how it affects your health, what you can do to protect yourself from it or the action you can take to tackle it - we've pulled everything together on an easily accessible website - The Clean Air Hub, launched this week. 

“The Clean Air Hub could not have come sooner – the need for something like this has been glaringly obvious to all of us working on air pollution,” says air quality expert Professor Stephen Holgate.  

“The risks to our health from air pollution cannot be understated, so making people aware of this and the simple things they can do to protect themselves, is an important part of solving this public health crisis.”

All the information is reviewed by academics and public health bodies - and we'll be regularly updating it as new research comes in. 


Visit the Clean Air Hub



Transform Our World | The Cost of Christmas

A christmas present wrapped in brown paper

Transform Our World is a new hub full of free, practical resources for teachers. It empowers young people to tackle the root causes of the climate breakdown and biodiversity loss.

This month, the Transform Our World hub has a set of resources under the theme The Cost of Christmas. The resources are sourced from partner organisations and also include Global Action Plan's alternative gifting site Elfless Acts.

These resources help teachers and students explore questions about Christmas, covering everything from choosing ethical products and tackling food waste, to learning about the social cost of fast fashion and giving more sustainable gifts. The Cost of Christmas tools and resources will help empower young people to take environmental action and inspire others to join them in doing Christmas differently.


Visit the Cost of Christmas campaign


Global Action Plan has created Transform Our World as part of our pledge to the #iwill campaign, a movement of over 1,000 organisations from across the UK that aims to make participation in social action - such as volunteering, campaigning, supporting peers or fundraising - the norm for young people aged 10-20.

The #iwill Fund supports Transform Our World.

logos for global action plan, #iwill, Deparetment for Digita, culture, media & sport and the National Lottery Community Fund


And Finally...

Ollie Hayes from Global Action Plan has just appeared on the Sustainable(ish) podcast with Jen Gale about our #idontbuyit campaign. Click below to have a listen to their conversation.


Sustainable(ish) episode 051: #IDONTBUYIT


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