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IPCC Report on Climate Change and why you can still feel hopeful


by Natasha Parker, Head of Post-Consumerism

3 min read



Global Action Plan's Head of Post-Consumerism on the IPCC report, and imagining a different future


The harrowing headlines from the latest IPCC report have been all over the news this week, with an important warning from scientists about what the future will look like if action isn't taken on climate change. Accompanying the articles summarising the report’s findings are apocalyptic imagery of fires, floods and melting ice sheets helping us imagine what is to come if the necessary changes aren't made. This is worrying news and will understandably increase our levels of eco-anxiety.


The report is an urgent wake-up call to remind us that the actions we take now will determine the future we get. But alongside this we also need to be able to imagine the future we want. What will the world look like if the required changes were made?


Most of us are now well versed in the bleak version, but can struggle to imagine what a best case scenario could look like.


Researchers agree that in order to avoid the deadliest impacts of climate change, that radical, immediate and widespread changes to our lifestyles and technology are needed. We need to re-think the way we eat, travel, work, shop, share and relate to each other.


The evidence is mounting that the changes we need to create a healthier planet, can create happier, healthier people too. This is an opportunity to re-design our society; to create a fairer, kinder, happier world than the one we currently inhabit. From shorter working weeks to share sheds, urban forests to universal basic income, digital fashion to more time for fun and friends.


Here at Global Action Plan we want to bring these exciting possibilities into our imaginations to fuel our hope and drive our action to make this better world a reality. So we’ve teamed up with talented young artists and creatives on Instagram as part of our Flickers of the Future movement to bring to life the latest insights from experts and futurists to imagining how we can live better, lower carbon lives.


Join the movement and be inspired at


If you are feeling Eco-Anxiety and would like some tips and strategies to help manage it, then try listening to the TedX podcast by Global Action Plan Trustee Clover Hogan - Why you feel anxious about climate change and what to do about it