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Invitation to virtual seminar: Every Breath We Make

The health and wellbeing of our country’s workforce has never been more important, especially for the hidden heroes working in the manufacturing sector. As all companies look to make workplaces COVID-19 secure, indoor air quality is rapidly climbing the boardroom agenda to minimise the spread of all kinds of respiratory health challenges. What’s more, tackling indoor air pollution has proven business benefits. The CBI calculates that 3 million workdays lost to illness could be regained if air pollution levels are reduced to WHO recommended levels.


As a forward-thinking Health & Safety professional, we invite you to attend “With Every Breathe We Make” on Thursday 5th November. The exclusive seminar will share the most recent findings from a new industry whitepaper as well as recommendations from experts from Trade Unions, universities, Health & Safety bodies, business associations and more on why indoor air pollution is more important than ever and how you can tackle it.


Read the whitepaper ahead of the event - visit


Why attend?

Respiratory conditions that are worsened by air pollution, also make a person more vulnerable to COVID-19 complications. With nearly 3 million people employed in the UK’s manufacturing sector, we must protect these essential workers who have kept and continue to keep our economy running.


You will:

  • Understand the causes and risks of indoor air pollution to workers
  • Learn about the negative impact of air pollution on productivity
  • Be informed on latest scientific research on the link between air pollution and COVID-19
  • Find out what H&S professionals can do to protect workers and advocate for better practices in the sector and with government



Geraint Davies - MP and Chair of the All Parliamentary Group on Air Pollution - a coalition of MPs and supporters who are passionate about improving air quality for better health, economic opportunities and protecting the environment.

Chris Large - Co-CEO - Global Action Plan - an award-winning environmental charity and the people behind Clean Air Day.

Ben Simons - Head of Clean Air Solutions Europe West - Zehnder Clean Air Solutions - a leading service provider globally of air cleaning solutions for the industrial sector. ([email protected], +44 7909 533878)

Hilda Palmer - Hazard Campaign and Greener Jobs Alliance




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