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Global Action Plan to double air quality team as Co-CEO departs
  •  After nearly 16 years at Global Action Plan, Co-CEO Chris Large is leaving the charity to join the team at the Earthshot Prize. 
  •  In the interim, Chris’ role will be covered by Co-CEO Sonja Graham. 
  •  The sustainability charity which leads Clean Air Day, is expanding rapidly with twelve new hires which will double its clean air team. 


4 March 2021 – Global Action Plan’s Co- Chief Executive Officer, Chris Large, is moving on from his role after 16 years with the charity to join the team at the Earthshot Prize.  


In the immediate term, Chris’s role will be covered by Sonja Graham, his Co-Chief Executive Officer, and other members of the newly strengthened senior management team. The charity is also looking to recruit a new senior business development director to continue to seek opportunities for the charity’s strategic partnerships.  


Global Action Plan, which leads the UK’s largest air pollution campaign Clean Air Day, has seen significant growth in the past years due to the increasing range of projects in the clean air space and the role of consumerism.  


In the last three months alone, the charity has hired/ is looking to fill twelve new roles, including: 


  •  Senior Business Engagement Manager
  •  Head of Youth Networks
  •  Senior Manager Clean Air for Children
  •  Digital Programme and Marketing Manager 
  •  Head of Youth Communications.  


Nine of these roles will help bolster the Clean Air team which will double the team to 18. 


This expansion is pivotal to Global Action Plan’s increased ambitions in the clean air and post-consumerism movements, as the charity increasingly tackles issues not symptoms,​ where solutions require cross-sector conversations and action. 


Sonja Graham, Co-CEO at Global Action Plan, says: “After 16 years with Global Action Plan, and as my co-CEO for the last three, Chris will be hugely missed by me and the Global Action Plan team. His passion for justice in all things and his sheer determination have been the driving force behind many of our amazing programmes – the positive impacts of which will be felt for years to come. Chris has been instrumental in growing the Clean Air movement; galvanising 200-strong coalitions of organisations across the health and environment sectors to tackle life-limiting pollution. He has forged initiatives including Clean Air Day, the Clean Air for Hospitals Framework, the Clean Air for Schools Framework and the Business for Clean Air Taskforce.


Chris leaves at a point of solid growth for Global Action Plan. We look forward to developing the next generation of programmes to protect children from dirty air and are excited by the fantastic new team members coming on board to take up the baton.” 


Chris Large, Co-CEO at Global Action plan, says: “As my personal journey takes me from Global Action Plan to go work at the new Earthshot Prize initiative, I am grateful to all those who encouraged and supported us. Although I’m leaving, several fantastic new hires are joining the brilliant team at Global Action Plan, and I thank the current and past crew at GAP for being amazing colleagues. After many years as an environmental behaviour change charity, Global Action Plan is evolving into a movement building organisation – boosting capacity and providing critical friendship to those with the power to exert change. We do this because the crises we face require big changes that only cross-sector movements can inspire. I look forward to seeing Global Action Plan continue to thrive and make a huge difference with exciting programmes and new partnerships.”