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Environment Bill: ask your MP to vote for enforceable air quality limits

By Larissa Lockwood,  Director of Clean Air, 3 min read




Having left the EU, the UK will now be responsible for setting and enforcing its own air quality targets from 2021 and the Government currently has no plans to set targets until 2022. 


In order to change this, the team at Global Action Plan needs your help to put pressure on all MP's to vote for Amendment 2 and New Clause 6 to the Environment Bill. This will set legally binding World Health Organisation air quality limits and a requirement that the Government reports each year on how it is improving air quality.  


How you can help


1) Use this tool to find out who your local MP is and their contact email address.

2) Download this letter template and send it to your MP by email.

3) Let us know you have done so by emailing us at: [email protected], tagging us on social media or using the hashtag #EnvironmentBill. 


By campaigning with us for these two amendments you will be helping to protect the future health of our communities. Thank you!


Action for Clean Air

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