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Clean Air Day 2022 and 2021 Celebration and Insights Report
London Mayor Sadiq Khan and school children celebrate Clean Air Day

Global Action Plan today announces the date for the next Clean Air Day. The UK’s largest clean air campaign will take place on - Thursday 16 June 2022. 


To mark five years of the campaign, the Clean Air Day 2021 Celebration and Insights Report is published, which details the outcomes and successes created by Supporters and Participants of Clean Air Day 2021, as well as a five-year review of the campaign since it began in 2017. 


The five-year review reveals half of the UK public have now heard of Clean Air Day, since the campaign’s inception in 2017. Eight out of ten (82%) people believe tackling air pollution should be a priority for the UK and six in ten (64%) people now choose to walk or cycle instead of using a car for short journeys, a 22% increase since 2017. 


Larissa Lockwood, Director of Clean Air at Global Action Plan says: “It is wonderful to see how you have made the Clean Air Day campaign grow in size, ambition and impact each year. Clean Air Day is a recognised annual event and is making a real difference to how people understand and act on air pollution that helps to protect people’s health and tackle the climate crisis."


For 2021 specifically, Clean Air Day saw over 2.7 billion opportunities to see messages about air pollution, over 30,000 social posts, over 350 events took place across the UK and more than 270 organisations are now official Clean Air Day Supporters. To find out more, you can read the Clean Air Day Celebration and Insights Report.  


Clean Air Day 2022 will provide resources to enable individuals, businesses, schools, the healthcare sector and local authorities to take actions to reduce air pollution and come together to reflect on the difference we can all make.  


To find out more about the campaign head to the Clean Air Day website or to learn more air pollution and how it impacts you, head to the Clean Air Hub. If you have children in London or are a school located there, you can also get in touch with the London Schools Pollution Helpdesk



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