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A new wave of water saving H2O Heroes
Three small children in school uniform stand on the stage in City Hall with their arms outstretched

A judging panel comprised of representatives from Thames Water, the Greater London Authority and Global Action Plan crowned Telferscot School in Balham the winners of this year’s H2O Heroes celebration event at London’s City Hall in April 2019.


Funded by Thames Water since 2014, and delivered by Global Action Plan, the H2O Heroes programme has involved 49 schools and trained 917 children to date. Over the course of a 3-month long programme, H2O Heroes workshops inform and inspire students to think about the sustainability of our water supply, and empower them to create a campaign to talk to peers, teachers and families about saving water.


Telferscot Primary School impressed the judges with their amazing outreach, not only to the school, but also to families (sending home ‘water passports’) and another local primary school. Their prize is a trip to a Thames Water’s Reservoir and the opportunity to write and make their own film, which will be professionally filmed. All participating schools also receive a free water audit from Thames Water.


Luke Wynne said “Over the 5 years that H2O Heroes has been running, we’ve saved enough water to fill 1.5 Olympic size swimming pools. This year, students have been promoting water-saving to their schools, families and local communities in a number of exciting ways – from fixing tripping taps for other students in their school and visiting neighbouring schools to talk about water-saving, to raising money for a rain-catching water butt through a cake-sale. We’re always very proud of our H2O Heroes and this year was no exception.“


Water shortages could become commonplace in London unless steps are taken to conserve more of it. 


By 2020, it’s projected that there will be a 133-litre shortfall of available water in London, trebling to 414 million litres by 2040. This is because of climate change and an increasing population. London also has one of the highest individual levels of water consumption in the UK. So, Thames Water and Global Action Plan are proud of all the H2O Heroes students who are taking steps to save our precious water – and the positive impact this is having for the planet and other Londoners.

A group of young girls standing on stage giving their presentation