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2020 - Global Action Plan poem

2020 has been an extraordinary year and left us all with a lot to reflect on. We have written this poem about it, which is available to listen to as well as read here:





It came in disguise,
this year of change and challenge,
looking like any other. 


But 2020 sought to carve out its place in history,
imprint in our memory,
and leave us,
and the world, changed.


We'll not forget
adjusting our lives overnight,
learning new ways to communicate.
Suddenly it was possible, after all, for many of us to work from home.


We'll not forget
immeasurable loss counted out in daily graphs,
and the onslaught of rolling news and changing advice.


We'll not forget
closed schools and quiet skies,
birdsong and butterflies.
Empty roads and cleaner air.


We'll not forget
getting to know our neighbours,
helping our communities
and shopping differently,
finding what we need locally.


We'll not forget
how we sought out rainbows,
and made our own for others to seek,  and brightened our week
by clapping for carers in the street. 


We remember
hugs with friends and family,
the heat of a crowded party.
The roar of applause in a packed auditorium,
a hi-5 of a job well done.
We will know that joy again. 


But this year has changed us all,
taken so much,
and given us a new lens:
on what we value,
on our own ability to manage change.
It has made us kinder, and more compassionate.
It's demanded us to ask big questions about how we want to live, and the world we want. 


One thing we've learned is
the dystopian stories got it wrong:
That when faced with unimaginable challenge and uncertainty,
the first thing we reach for

is each other.


2020 a poem by Global Action Plan

2020, a poem by Global Action Plan