Using her expertise in the science of happiness, Natasha leads our Live Life (Not the Planet) to the Max programme, which helps young people in the UK, Italy and Hungary explore how they can live great lives with less stuff. She’s so passionate about it, she’s even doing a PhD on the subject. 
Natasha became fascinated with exploring what really makes us happy after spending five years working with people with addictions, helping them find life exciting again without drugs and alcohol. She has since completed a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology, and worked for Action for Happiness where she designed and delivered courses aimed at improving wellbeing and conducted research for the “10 Keys to Happier Living” book. She is convinced that happiness lies in the quality of our relationships and our experiences, and not in what we own.
Global Action Plan’s mission takes a look at the value experiences, rather than things, can bring. What does Natasha like doing in her free time?

After spending all week in the city, you can usually find Natasha taking her dog Luna for long walks in the countryside. Her other passion is seeing live rock music; she just achieved a lifelong ambition of finally seeing Guns N’ Roses!
What inspires Natasha about Global Action Plan’s mission?
Finally, an organisation is communicating and acting on the tricky issue of material over-consumption.