Naomi builds strategies for businesses to make their energy, water and waste consumption as efficient as possible by focusing on how staff can modify their behaviour in the office, warehouse or on the shop floor. Working with some of the UK’s biggest organisations, Naomi has led on big impact sustainable development initiatives.

Naomi holds a Master’s in Leadership for Sustainable Development from leading think-tank Forum for the Future and is currently undertaking a PGCERT in Social Marketing. She has previously worked for the Design Council and a digital agency specialising in environmental communications, and loves combining her experience in design with behaviour change.

Naomi’s passion for sustainability blossomed while studying for her degree in Business Management, making it a seamless transition to her role helping companies and sustainability strategies become one. 

Global Action Plan takes a look at the value experiences, rather than things, can bring. What does Naomi like doing in her free time?

Naomi can be found cooking, going to the theatre or playing sports after work; travelling is how she spends each long weekend and holiday.

What inspires Naomi about Global Action Plan’s mission?

That it isn’t about constraint or restriction, but about making a happier world for us all to live in.

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