Originally from France, Marc has lived in Europe, Asia and North-America, exploring the development of new technologies in developing countries. He has decade of experience working in technology and product innovation, leading teams across Asia, developing a variety of digital platforms and sitting on the board of several tech start-ups in China. He relocated to London to work with and learn from social enterprises to develop purpose led businesses. He strongly believes that businesses have the power to become agents of change and give back to the communities they sell to, while increasing their long-term sustainability. He holds a MSc in International Business from the International Management Institute, New Delhi.

Global Action Plan’s mission takes a look at the value experiences - rather than things - can bring. What does Marc like doing in his free time?

Life is better enjoyed when flexible to pack your bags and go. Clutter makes me anxious, so the less things a buy the happier I am. I like to feel as a privileged guest to the nature that surrounds me.

What inspires Marc about Global Action Plan’s mission?

Young people will write the future, so let’s excite them with the essentials of life.