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How to supercharge the climate conversation
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We all care about our planet 🌍. But we’re not talking enough about it. We’ve teamed up with Virgin Media O2 and young people from across the UK to spark conversations on the climate crisis and how we can all be part of the solution.


89% of young people report feeling concerned about the climate crisis but only a third are regularly talking about it with their friends.  




In times of uncertainty, people are deeply influenced by what they see those around them saying and doing. Conversations can help to reduce anxiety and are a crucial first step towards action. However, many young people feel locked out of the climate conversation, due to: 


  • Not seeing enough ‘people like them’ speaking up about the topic; 
  • A fear of judgement or not knowing enough; and 
  • Not knowing where or how to start the conversation.


What are Gen Z saying?



How to start a climate conversation



  • Use topical conversation starters (like documentaries you’ve seen, news articles, social media posts) to ask your friends about their feelings towards climate change. 
  • Actively listen to what your friends have to say without passing judgement. 
  • Ask lots of questions and really listen to the answers. Be curious, ask about their feelings, express empathy. 
  • Aim to enjoy the conversation. If people feel connected with you over the conversation, you’ve planted a seed.  



  • Batter people with arguments and interject while they’re talking about their feelings. 
  • Set out to persuade people to take action. They’ll make their own decisions about that anyway. 
  • Feel like you need to have all the answers before you start a conversation.  
  • Feel like the goal is to change someone’s mind.  



A special climate-focussed episode 


During the global UN climate change conference, COP26, Virgin Media O2 teamed up with stars of “People Just Do Nothing” Allan ‘Seapa’ Mustafa and Hugo Chegwin, along with Gen Z Climate activist, Francisca Rockey of Black Geographers, to create a special climate-focussed episode of their hit Kurupt FM podcast, “Chattin’’ Shit”, to encourage young people to get involved in the climate conversation.