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Are you passionate about creating a different future for people and the planet? If so, come and join our movement.

We want to shake things up and inspire other young people to put their lives – and the world – back in balance.

Our mission is to tackle our throwaway society  not only to help our planet, but because having more and more stuff is not making us happy.

We’ve seen the trash mountains abroad, the islands of plastic choking our seas, and the lists of species facing extinction.

We know that young people today are less happy than their parents were, and feel pressure to live the perfect life and buy ever more things.

The good news is that millions of young people are starting to demand a different future. They are:

  • reimagining the way they live and work
  • reinventing how we use and see material things
  • redefining success – not what society tells them it should be
  • making choices that don’t force hardship on others or ruin our natural environment. 

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Join us in our mission to shake things up, and we'll send you great ideas for making healthy changes in your own life that will help the planet too.