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Sick of seeing so many ads?


According to social media management platform Sprout Social, the average Instagram user will see one advert every three to four posts. The constant bombardment of messages telling you all the things you should buy reinforces a sense that we are only as important as what we own.


Advertisers are targeting young people using increasingly sophisticated techniques to make us buy more than we need. This is damaging not only to the planet but also to our wellbeing.

Social media advertising contributes to a culture which is fake. The lifestyles it presents are artificial and the techniques it uses are dishonest. All it’s trying to do is make us buy stuff we don’t need that doesn’t make us happy.


We want to start a movement. We want young people to stand together and tell advertisers that enough is enough. We don't buy it. 


Join #Idontbuyit and start a conversation with your friends about how much advertising you are exposed to every time you are on social media- something that is harmful to both your wellbeing and the planet.


Why we should care?

Our wellbeing

Focusing on getting more money and possessions doesn’t improve our wellbeing and is more likely to make us feel worse about ourselves.Focussing on things like close friendships, meaningful hobbies and healthier lifestyles can help to make us happier.


Our planet

The products and food we use and eat take 70% more resources from the Earth than it reproduces each year. This “overshoot” is a major cause of: climate change; pollution and mass extinction of animals.


Other people

About 40,000 children as young as 7 are sent down mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo each year to collect cobalt for lithium batteries to power our electronic devices.


So what can i do about it?