It’s that time of year again, when we start to think about our new year’s resolutions. So how many of last year’s resolutions did you keep? For most of us, not many! We end up setting the same goals year after year and feeling disappointed when we don’t make them happen.

Here at Global Action Plan we’ve been trawling the latest research into what really helps us stick to our goals. Here’s our no-nonsense top 3 tips for actually making those resolutions stick:

1. Choose goals you actually care about

Sounds obvious right? But we’re much more likely to succeed when we set goals that are truly aligned to our values. Visualise how you’ll feel when you achieve it…. If your answer contains anything resembling “OK” or “meh” then ditch it. Don’t waste your time. Choose something that will make you jump up and down like a puppy with a new toy. Life’s too short for anything less.

2. Plan when and where you are going to do your goal

Make a date with yourself and book it in your diary. Any new lifestyle change has to fit in with everything else that’s important to you. Think about when you actually have time to do your goal and when it won’t clash with other aspects of your life that mean a lot to you. Can that trip to the gym really compete with a trip to the pub with your colleagues? Plan to go before work. Not a morning person? Take a lunch time run.

3. Make a “when …. then” plan

We usually know exactly the types of things that get in the way of achieving our goals. You know what you’re like, you can’t say no to cake. So when Sandra from accounts offers you that triple chocolate fudge cake (oh yes it will happen!) then what will you say? Practice it in advance: “No thank you Sandra, I’m a cake free zone right now”. There you go, now you’ve practiced, you’re ready to get out there!

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