Global Action Plan has teamed up with international experts in the fields of motivation, wellbeing, values and sustainability to develop an exciting new goal-setting course called Goals for Good.

About Goals for Good

A recent PWC survey found that millennials’ most prized benefit is their continued learning and development.

They want to work for innovative employers offering exciting opportunities to build their skills and knowledge.

Goals for Good teaches goal-setting skills based on the latest research that employees can use in their personal and professional lives.

Mental health and millennials

Mental health is even more important to millennials than physical health, and with good reason as young people’s rates of unhappiness, depression and anxiety have risen by 70% in the past 30 years.

Supporting the mental wellbeing of employees not only shows that you are a caring employer, but also helps reduce sickness and promotes productivity, with happier employees being shown to be 10-12% more productive.

Goals for Good uses the latest research into happiness and wellbeing to support young people to set goals that will really make them happy.

Millennial employees want to work for employers who make a positive contribution to the world, and they want to have a positive social impact themselves.

Goals for Good supports participants to consider their long-term values and aspirations and set goals that align with what they really care about.

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